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Sunday, 2nd of September

Sunday – afternoon
17:00 - 20:00 Registration
18:30 Welcome Reception

Monday, 3rd of September

Monday – morning
08:45 Welcome
09:00 Chair: Danino Dganit
Union Hall, PL1 Kumacheva Eugenia
Bridging the Gap between Molecules and Nanoparticles
09:45 Coffee Break
Topic 1 Union Hall Topic 2 Glass Hall Topic 3 White Hall Topic 4 Silver Room
Chair: Briscoe H. Wuge Chair: Hansson Per Chair: von Klitzing Regine Chair: Emelyanenko Alexandre
10:15 KN 1.1 Voets Ilja KN 2.1 Hiorth Marianne KN 3.1 Fameau Anne-Laure KN 4.1 Delgado-Buscalloni Rafael
Illuminating interfaces in soft matter by single-molecule localization microscopy The potential of improving oral health with liposomes and polymer-coated liposomes Nanocapillary bridging of particles to design ultra-flexible magnetic chains and colloidal networks Strong enhancement of the collective diffusion of quasi twodimensional systems: trapped colloids and membrane lipids
10:45 OP 1.1 Demé Bruno OP 2.1 Faure Chrystel OP 3.1 Das Mohan OP 4.1 Rigoni Carlo
Role of glycolipids in higher plants: A surface force study combining neutron diffraction on multilayer lipid membranes and MD simulations Study of insecticide-loaded multilamellar liposomes diffusion through artificial skin membranes : effect of key parameters. Dynamics, structure and stresses in repulsive glasses and attractive gels of colloidal rods Dynamics of sessile ferrofluid drops
11:05 OP 1.2 Fujinami Masanori OP 2.2 Pedersen Jannik OP 3.2 Dubois Emmanuelle OP 4.2 Yao Yang
Experimental approach of the self-propelled motion of a sodium oleate tablet and boat at an oil-water interface SAXS Characterization of liposomal formulations to treat Fabry Disease Tuning the properties of colloidal dispersions by playing on the nanoparticles’ interface and on the solvent Dynamics of Capillary Imbibition of Poly(ethylene oxide) Melts in Nanoporous Alumina
11:25 OP 1.3 Gresham Isaac OP 2.3 Morsbach Svenja OP 3.3 Feng Yujun OP 4.3 Petekidis George
Structural resolution of responsive polymer brushes with neutron reflectometry: findings, limitations and a model-free Monte Carlo analysis method Unravelling interaction mechanisms between lipoproteins and nanocarriers: the biomolecule corona Viscoelastic Surfactants: Boost Applications in Harsh Environment Microscopic origin of flow in attractive colloidal glasses under shear
11:45 OP 1.4 Zemb Thomas OP 2.4 Malekkhaiat Häffner Sara OP 3.4 Grein Iankovski Aline OP 4.4 Welling Tom
A new ultrasensitive acousto-optic method to study liquid-liquid interfaces Membrane interactions of nanoclay particles as carriers of antimicrobial peptides Surface modification of magnetic nanoparticles through spontaneous segregation of binary polymer mixtures aiming at Janus character 3D mobility of nanoparticles studied with liquid cell STEM
12:05 OP 1.5 Schulte Marie Friederike OP 2.5 Sarra Angelo OP 3.5 Sedaghat Doost Ali OP 4.5 Wrede Oliver
Inner Structure Information and Mechanical Properties of Responsive Microgels Adsorbed at Solid Interfaces by SFM Study of membrane phase transition in bacterial vesicles Designing nano-colloidal dispersion of thymol as a potential natural antioxidant Swelling kinectics of N-n-propylacrylamide based microgels upon periodic pressure jumps investigated by time-resolved Small Angle Neutron Scattering
12:30 Lunch
Monday – early afternoon
Topic 1 Union Hall Topic 2 Glass Hall Topic 3 White Hall Topic 5 Silver Room
Chair: Isa Lucio Chair: Galantini Luciano Chair: Xenakis Aristoteles Chair: Dan-Florin Anghel
14:00 KN 1.2 Braunschweig Björn KN 2.2 Monduzzi Maura KN 3.2 Shafiq Mohamad Danial KN 5.1 Vamvakaki Maria
Smart Air-Water Interfaces with Arylazopyrazole Surfactants and their Role in Photoresponsive Aqueous Foam Mesoporous silica nanoparticles for smart drug depot nanocarriers Evaporation of drops: The role of long-range colloidal interactions Stimuli-responsive core-shell, hollow and Janus hybrid Nanoparticles
14:30 OP 1.6 Valtiner Markus OP 2.6 Haramus Vasyl OP 3.6 Waggett Franceska OP 5.1 Hu Minghan
Interfacial structuring of ionic liquids in the presence of water: From neat liquids to aqueous solutions pH-responsive mesoporous silica nanoparticles dual-modified with “gatekeeper” biopolymers for drug delivery Long-range electrostatic attraction between like-charge colloids Anisotropic Superparamagnetic Supraparticles Prepared by Controlled-Evaporation of Nanoparticle Suspensions
14:50 OP 1.7 Slastanova Anna OP 2.7 Giacomelli Fernando Carlos OP 3.7 Bordes Romain OP 5.2 Pajor-Świerzy Anna
Interactions of anionic surfactants with cationic vesicles under confinement Nanoparticle-Cell Interactions: Surface Chemistry Effects on the Cellular Uptake of Biocompatible Block Copolymer Assemblies Controlling flocculation with carbamate-based surfactant Optimization of method of synthesis of nickel nanoparticles with silver nanoshell for conductive materials
15:10 OP 1.8 Orsi Davide OP 2.8 Ocwieja Magdalena OP 3.8 Bressel Katharina OP 5.3 Rossner Christian
Emulsion stability at minimal surfactant concentrations: a multiscale study Silver nanoparticle monolayers of tunable structure, stability and charge Kinetics of Depletion Flocculation in Concentrated Emulsions cRAFTing nanomaterials: tailored structural and dynamic properties of hierarchical nanoparticle arrangements by controlling polymeric Architecture
15:30 OP 1.9 Tummino Andrea OP 2.9 Pashirova Tatiana OP 3.9 Bryant Gary OP 5.4 Kralj-Iglič Veronika
Controlling the formation of surface active material reservoirs in spread polyelectrolyte/surfactant films at the air/water interface Oximes-loaded lipid nanoparticles for brain protection and treatment of organophosphorus poisoning Characterization of turbid colloidal suspensions using differential dynamic microscopy (DDM) Multifunctional mesoporous gadolinium-enriched TiO2 microspheres can be simultaneously used for cancer diagnosis and treatment
15:50 OP 1.10 Prescott Stuart Op 2.10 Zidar Jernej OP 3.10 Lozada-Cassou Marcelo OP 5.5 Thiele Julian
Adsorbed macromolecules as steric stabilisers at the oil/water interface: specific ion effects and complexation with surfactants Probing surfactant membrane interactions with molecular dynamics simulations Outsized and very long-ranged electric and entropic forces in colloidal dispersions at finite concentration Design of microscopic polymer materials by droplet microfluidics and additive manufacturing for cell-free biotechnology
16:10 Coffee Break
Monday – late afternoon
Topic 1 Union Hall Topic 2 Glass Hall Topic 5 White Hall Topic 6 Silver Room
Chair: Zapotoczny Szczepan Chair: Zidar Jernej Chair: Walderhaug Harald Chair: Kralchevsky Peter
16:40 KN 1.3 Zanini Michele KN 2.3 Lopez-Cabarcos Enrique KN 5.2 Claesson Per KN 6.1 Drobne Damjana
Rough particles at fluid interfaces DNA/RNA oligonucleotides detection using upconverting nanoparticles From surface forces and friction to local surface nanomechanical and wear properties Nanomaterials in the environment: application and nanosafety
17:10 OP 1.11 Slavchov Radomir OP 2.11 Vollmer Doris OP 5.6 Liu Wendong OP 6.1 Prosposito Paolo
Cohesive and non-cohesive adsorption of surfactants at liquid interfaces Sub-micrometer sized roughness suppresses bacteria adhesion Liquid repellent surface mediated fabrication of superparticles Fluorescent silver nanoclusters as optical sensors for heavy metal ions in water
17:30 OP 1.12 Shiraz Hana OP 2.12 Mohammadtaheri Mahsa OP 5.7 D'Errico Gerardino OP 6.2 Kroflič Ana
Preparation of novel film-forming armoured latexes using colloidal nanosilica as a pickering emulsion stabiliser Antimicrobial peptide/glycerol monooleate self-assemblies Bio-inspired functional polyphenolic materials: meso- and nanoscopic determinants of the antioxidant activity On the role of surface active substances in atmospheric aerosols
17:50 OP 1.13 Taylor Nicholas OP 2.13 Boyd Hannah OP 5.8 Schenk Anna OP 6.3 Gentile Luigi
Linking molecular architecture and interfacial structure to the lubrication mediated by oil-soluble copolymer additives How are salivary pellicles affected by surfactants of different ionic character? Curl it up: Structure-directing polyelectrolytes aid the formation of polymer/mineral composite micro scrolls Fungi as regulators of colloidal soil organic matter
18:10 OP 1.14 Camerin Fabrizio OP 2.14 Schofield Zoe OP 5.9 Buckley Philip OP 6.4 Kolman Krzysztof
In silico modelling of microgels in bulk and at interfaces A microfluidic approach to model deep vein thrombosis Controlled crystallisation using microemulsions Aggregation of nanoparticles in presence of organic molecules and ions – experiment and simulation
18:30 OP 1.15 Thiyam Priyadarshini OP 2.15 Lundberg Dan OP 5.10 Chambon Lucille OP 6.5 Fiedler Johannes
Control of the sign and magnitude of Casimir-Lifshitz torque by material manipulation and intervening liquid medium Liquid crystalline phases as phantoms for validation of in vivo diffusion MRI methods Hollow rods of high aspect ratio Medium-assisted dispersion forces
18:50 Poster Session A: Topics 5, 6, 7, 11

Tuesday, 4th of September

Tuesday – morning
09:00 Chair: Mileva Elena
Union Hall PL 2 Solvay Prize Winner Weller Horst
Quantum dots and other nanocrystals: From basic science to applications in materials and life sciences
09:45 Coffee Break
Topic 1 Union Hall Topic 7 Glass Hall Topic 5 White Hall Satellite Session Silver Room
Chair:  Schmitt Veronique Chair: Gradzielski Michael Chair: Mertelj Alenka Chair: Katz Alexander
10:15 KN 1.4 Gerelli Yuri KN 7.1 Olsson Ulf KN 5.3 di Gregorio Maria Chiara 10:15 SS 1 Abbott Nicholas
Slow lipid flip-flop revealed by neutron scattering experiments Cellulose Self-Assembly Control over morphology and complexity of metal organic frameworks Templated Synthesis of Complex Colloids using Liquid Crystallinity
10:45 OP 1.16 Michna Aneta OP 7.1 Byard Sarah OP 5.11 Hammond Oliver 10:45 SS 2 Botto Lorenzo
Monolayers of poly(amido mine) dendrimers and poly(diallyldimethylammonium chloride) studied by in situ streaming potential measurements and AFM Unique aqueous self-assembly behavior of a new thermoresponsive diblock copolymer Self-assembly of nanoscale structures in deep eutectic solvents High-resolution simulations in the design of complex fluid interfaces and graphene nanohydrodynamics
11:05 OP 1.17 Otoni Caio OP 7.2 Shaw James OP 5.12 Solomonov Aleksei
Strategies for functionalizing nanofibrillated cellulose and producing antimicrobial foam-like materials Programming hierarchical self-assembly of patchy particles into colloidal crystals via colloidal molecules Stable DNA-polyelectrolyte multilayers: Preparation and Sensing Applications 11:15 SS 3 Chaudhury Manoj
11:25 OP 1.18 Kumar Raj OP 7.3 Spiering Vivian Jeannette OP 5.13 Matoh Lev Extraction of water from detergent stabilized oil-water emulsion
Soft foams as acoustic gradient index metasurfaces Characterization of Self-Assembled Surface Active CO2/EO Compounds in Aqueous Solution Synthesis of nanostructured TiO2 microparticles for photocatalysis
11:45 OP 1.19 Dekker Riande OP 7.4 Hallez Yannick OP 5.14 Rouster Paul 11:45 SS 4 Cramer Steven
Emulsion destabilization by confinement Nanoxerography Assisted by Convective Surface Assembly Active biohybrid coatings based on enzyme-loaded halloysite nanotubes Recent advances in understanding the molecular basis of selectivity in multimodal protein separation systems
12:05 OP 1.20 Gustafsson Emil OP 7.5 Novak Sanja OP 5.15 Doblas Jiménez David
Understanding blood cell stabilization – Effect of plasticizer on lipid monolayers Self-assemby of gapped DNA duplexes Active nanocomposite with liquid inclusions of responsive colloids
12:30 Lunch
Tuesday – early afternoon
Topic 1 Union Hall Topic 7 Glass Hall Topic 8 White Hall Satellite Session Silver Room
Chair: Pekař Miloslav Chair: Matějíček Pavel Chair: Varga Imre Chairs: Katz Alexander, Velev Orlin D.
14:00 KN 1.5 Krejca Matthias M. KN 7.2 Schillén Karin KN 8.1 Tenhu Heikki 14:00 SS 5 Danino Dganit
Gas permeation through Pickering membranes Mixed complex formation in thermoresponsive block copolymer-bile salt systems Sweet and sour responsive gel nanoparticles High-resolution temporal and spatial organization of soft nanostructured materials by Cryo-electron microscopy and Cryo-electron tomography
14:30 OP 1.21 Allolio Christoph OP 7.6 Severoni Emilia OP 8.1 Hellweg Thomas 14:30 SS 6 Garti Nissim
The effect of ions on lipid membrane elasticity - from vesicle fusion to cell penetrating peptides Assembly in mixtures of bile salt derivatives Smart microgel based surfaces and free standing membranes Novel nano domains as multi purpose delivery vehicles for bioactives
14:50 OP 1.22 Rinaldin Melissa OP 7.7 Procházka Karel OP 8.2 Kanduč Matej
Geometric pinning and antimixing of scaffolded lipid membranes Solubilization of slovophobic polymer chains in interpolyelectrolyte complex cores of non-stoichiomeric co-assembled nanoparticles Transport and solvation of penetrant molecules in thermoresponsive hydrogels 15:00 SS 7 von Klitzing Regine
15:10 OP 1.23 Kamal Mohammad Arif OP 7.8 Matthews Lauren OP 8.3 Katyan Navneeta Pickering emulsions for catalysis
Targeting the cell pole: Membrane composition or curvature? Molecular Mechanisms for Self-Assembly in Hydrogen-Bonding Rich Non-Aqueous Solvents Colloidal charge effects on defect-gel stability in lyotropic nematic phases.
15:30 OP 1.24 Parra Elisa OP 7.9 Moreno Nicolas OP 8.4 Bitton Ronit 15:30 SS 8 Katz Alexander
Effects of oxidative stress on physicochemical properties and disruption of polyunsaturated phospholipid membranes Aggregation of soft-patchy colloids Hierarchical Structure of Multicomponent Polysaccharide-Peptide Hydrogels Aqueous Dispersion of Hydrophobic Pigments at High Solids Concentrations
15:50 OP 1.25 Hoffmann Ingo OP 7.10 Hartl Benedikt OP 8.5 Hansson Per
Membrane Dynamics in Polyelectrolyte Mediated Multilamellar Vesicles and their Influence on the Vesicle’s Structure Molecular self-assembly at solid-liquid interfaces under electrochemical control Microgel Interaction with Amphiphilic and Peptide Drugs
16:10 Coffee Break
Tuesday – late afternoon
Topic 1 Union Hall Topic 7 Glass Hall Topic 8 White Hall Satellite Session Silver Room
Chair: Paunov Vesselin Chair: Schillén Karin Chair: Rodríguez-Abreu Carlos Chairs: Abott Nicholas, Cramer Steven
16:40 KN 1.6 Deguchi Shigeru KN 7.3 Karg Matthias KN 8.2 Andreozzi Patrizia 16:40 SS 9 Raghavan Srinivasa
Continuous bottom-up production of nanoemulsions under conditions simulating deep-sea hydrothermal vents Self-assembly of core/shell colloids at air/water interfaces Exploring the pH sensitivity of poly(allylamine) phosphate supramolecular nanocarriers for intracellular siRNA delivery Nature-inspired elastic capsules, tubes and hairy surfaces
17:10 OP 1.26 Schmitt Veronique OP 7.11 Hill Christopher OP 8.6 Tortora Maxime 17:10 SS 10 Stebe Kathleen J.
Pickering emulsions stabilized by microgels: link between microgel adsorption at model interfaces and emulsion properties Properties of Fluorocarbon surfactants in Fire-fighting foam formulations Chiral fluctuations & the origin of chirality in cholesteric phases of DNA origamis STRIPS BIJELs for Modern Engineering in Colloidal Science
17:30 OP 1.27 Chevalier Yves OP 7.12 Rüter Axel OP 8.7 Matsushita Alan
Aerated emulsions stabilized by Pickering effect Constant width ribbons, in the A10K model peptide system An aqueous copper(II) luminescent sensor based on Tb(III)-containing coordinated gel composites 17:40 SS 11 Velev Orlin D.
17:50 OP 1.28 Gonzalez Ortiz Danae OP 7.13 Cejkova Jitka OP 8.8 Mirtič Janja Novel colloidal materials made by interfacial templating and “capillary engineering” of multiphasic liquid systems
Inverse pickering emulsion stabilize by exfoliated hexagonal boron nitride (h-BN) Dancing performance of multiple organic droplets in aqueous solutions Polyelectrolyte-surfactant complexes and their use in drug delivery: Study of cetylpyridinium-alginate complex nanoparticles
18:10 OP 1.29 Pascu Mihail - Lucian OP 7.14 Wang Junwei OP 8.9 Martínez Marta 18:10 SS 12 Jaensson Nick
Laser assisted device for micro/nano-emulsion production Magic colloidal particles Novel approach to study the intracellular fate of siRNApolyamine complexes by Fluorescence Cross Correlation Spectroscopy (FCCS) Designer emulsions using transient double emulsions
18:30 OP 1.30 Kolarova Simona OP 7.15 Groehn Franziska OP 8.10 Lehmann Maren 18:40 SS 13 Zemb Thomas
Formulating pharmaceutically acceptable non-aqueous microemulsions Encoding Size and Shape of Electrostatically Self-Assembled Colloids In-situ measurements of light-induced phase transitions of AuNP- microgel hybrids by an extended DLS setup Using water-poor microemulsions and  pre-ouzo droplets using as selective carriers for solutes
18:50 Poster Session B: Topics 1, 3, 4, 10, 12

Wednesday, 5th of September

Wednesday – morning
09:00 Chair: da Graça Miguel Maria
Union Hall PL 3 Malmsten Martin
Nanoparticle delivery systems for antimicrobial peptides
09:45 Coffee Break
Topic 7 Union Hall Topic 3 Glass Hall Topic 8 White Hall Topic 9 Silver Room
Chair: Buchner Richard Chair: Dubois Emmanuelle Chair: Winnik François Chair: Lapanje Aleš
10:15 KN 7.4 Tsarkova Larisa KN 3.4 Richtering Walter KN 8.3 Zapotoczny Szczepan KN 9.1 Skirtach Andre
Nanoreactors from electrostatically bridged like-charged surfactants and polyelectrolytes How do responsive microgels respond to crowding? Reinforced polymer micro(nano)capsules templated on solid and liquid cores as promising microreactors and drug carriers Nano- and micro- particles as drug delivery carriers and constituents of coatings
10:45 OP 7.16 Ličen Matjaž OP 3.11 Nigro Valentina OP 8.11 Wellert Stefan OP 9. 1 Purkayastha Subha
Superparamagnetic colloidal crystals as candidates for neutron beam polarizers Fragility of soft IPN microgels Segmental dynamics of planar polymer brushes Polyurethane based patchy colloidal particles mimicking the mesoscopic structural organization of the antimicrobial peptides to induce a  selective disruption of the bacterial cytoplasmic membrane
11:05 OP 7.17 Anachkov Svetoslav OP 3.12 Paunov Vesselin OP 8.12 Varga Imre OP 9.2 Rodler Agnes
Pathways for viscosity reduction in fatty-acid-containing micellar solutions Stimulus Responsive Capillary Suspensions Preparation of doubly crosslinked microgel photonic crystals from novel core/shell microgel particles Structural and transport properties of a hydrogel mimicking the subcutaneous tissue
11:25 OP 7.18 Simon Miriam OP 3.13 Scotti Andrea OP 8.13 Moreno Angel J. OP 9.3 Lapanje Aleš
Polyelectrolyte Microemulsion Complexes (PEMECs) with Structures Tunable by pH Effect of softness and architecture on the compression and interpenetration of microgels in overcrowded environment Computational Investigation of Microgels: Effect of the Microstructure on the Deswelling Behavior Need for colloid biology: Are bacterial cells really just particles?
11:45 OP 7.19 Reguera Javier OP 3.14 Nespoulous Mathieu OP 8.14 Howe Andrew OP 9.4 Saghaei Tayebeh
Assembly of Janus Fe3O4-Au magnetic-plasmonic nanoparticles with sensing and molecular imaging capabilities Microstructure formation in freezing nanosuspensions The unstable flow of concentrated solutions of very high MW polymers at low Reynolds number - and some important consequences. Biomimetic Folding Particle Chains
12:05 OP 7.20 Sedlák Marián OP 3.15 Jansson Maria OP 8.15 Megušar Polona OP 9.5 Cantu Laura
Mesoscale solubility in liquid solutions and mixtures The effect of the relative permittivity and the temperature response on the structural properties and swelling of Na-, and Ca-montmorillonite Effects of different starches and hydrocolloids on model dough properties and quality of gluten-free bread Directional insertion of cone-shaped channel protein in model membranes by neutron reflectometry and electrophysiology.
12:30 Lunch
13:30 White Hall - Elsevier talk, Rob van Daalen: How to successfully publish in a scientific journal - Advice for manuscript preparation, the peer review process and ethics in publishing
14:00 Poster Session C: Topics 2, 8, 9
15:00 Trip to Bled
15:30 Guided tour of Ljubljana

Thursday, 6th of September

Thursday – morning
09:00 Chair: Glatter Otto
Union Hall PL 4 Warr Gregory
The Littlest Amphiphiles: Nanostructured Solvents and Self-Assembly
09:45 Coffee Break
Topic 2 Union Hall Topic 3 Glass Hall Topic 8 White Hall Topic 10 Silver Room
Chair: Lopez-Cabarcos Enrique Chair: Valente Artur J. M. Chair: Kogej Ksenija Chair: Kramarenko Elena
10:15 KN 2.4 Gonella Grazia KN 3.4 Mertelj Alenka KN 8.4 Le Coeur Clémence KN 10.1 Butt Hans-Jürgen
How polymers affect protein adsorption Evolution of nematic phase in a colloid of magnetic nanoplatelets Unexpected rheological behavior of concentrated poly(methacrylic acid) aqueous solutions How Drops Start Sliding Over Solid Surfaces
10:45 OP 2.16 Zidar Mitja OP 3.16 Esquena Jordi OP 8.16 Sato Takaaki OP 10.1 Gerlach Felix
Characterization of protein aggregation in biopharmaceuticals Formation and chacterization of multiple Water-in-Water-in-Water (W/W/W) emulsions The Critical Fluctuation of Poly(N-isopropylacrylamide): Hydration Behavior and Additional Microscopic Order Parameter Wetting of milliscale step geometries with varying kinematic conditions
11:05 OP 2.17 Iturri Jagoba OP 3.17 Koos Erin OP 8.17 Gradzielski Michael OP 10.2 Baumli Philipp
Gone fishing: Using Atomic Force Microscopy for a height-dependent capture of bacterial fimbriae under specific and non-specific conditions Dynamic properties of capillary suspensions: A molecular dynamics study using ESPResSo Polyelectrolyte Surfactant Complexes (PESCs) of Hyaluronan and Cationic Surfactant – Structural Progression and Rheological Behaviour Emulsion-based Lubricant Replenishment Strategies for Lubricant-Impregnated Slippery Surfaces under Flow
11:25 OP 2.18 Michel Sarah OP 3.18 Unruh Tobias OP 8.18 Dias Rita OP 10.3 Vuckovac Maja
A chemical synthesis paradigm for in utero repair of Spina Bifida Interfaces of colloidal particles in liquid dispersions observed by combined SAXS and SANS studies Coarse-grained Monte Carlo simulations of complexation between weak polyelectrolytes and oppositely charged nanoparticles Scanning droplet adhesion microscopy for mapping wetting variations on water-repellent surfaces
11:45 OP 2.19 Luengo Gustavo OP 3.19 Sakai Toshio OP 8.19 Loppinet Benoit OP 10.4 Wong William
Feeling young – Tactile ability and skin-tribological properties of young and elderly Colloidal Stabilization of Surfactant-free Water-in-Oil Emulsions with the Addition of Electrolyte in Water Structure, persistence and hydrodynamics of high generation denpols Epidermis-Inspired Robust Superhydrophobicity
12:05 OP 2.20 Fernández-Peña Laura OP 3.20 Segovia-Gutiérrez Juan Pablo OP 8.20 Weber Grant OP 10.5 Emelyanenko Alexandre
Novel aqueous formulations based on the encapsulation of ceramide-like molecules with cosmetic interest Microliter viscometry using a bright-field microscope: η-DDM Electrostatic Formation of Polymer Particle Stabilised Liquid Marbles and Metastable Droplets – Effect of Latex Shell Conductivity Combination of Functional Nanoengineering and Nanosecond Laser Texturing for Design of Superhydrophobic Aluminum Alloy with Exceptional Mechanical and Chemical Properties
12:30 Lunch
Thursday – early afternoon
Topic 2 Union Hall Topic 1 Glass Hall Topic 9 White Hall Topic 11 Silver Room
Chair: Vollmer Doris Chair: Esquena Jordi Chair: Adamzzyk Zbignew Chair: Bohinc Klemen
14:00 KN 2.5 Paduano Luigi KN 1.7 Maas Michael KN 9.2 Merindol Remi KN 11.1 Horinek Dominik
Functionalized Iron-Oxide Nanoparticles: from Design to in vivo Applications Self-Assembly of mixed nanoparticle/surfactant thin films in colloidosome shells Combining DNA phase transition and hybridization to form all-DNA colloids and superstructures. Solvent- and Ion-Specific Effects on the Structure of Micelles and Micelle-like Aggregates
14:30 OP 2.21 Shi Da OP 1.31 Tardani Franco OP 9.6 Hansen Jan OP 11.1 Diat Olivier
Preparation, Stabilization and Characterization of Microbubbles Decorated by Dendronized Iron Oxide Nanoparticles for Medical Applications Designing Graphene Oxide LC Films Structures through Drying Instabilities Non-Equilibrium States of Sticky Colloidal Particles: Phase Separation and Dynamical Arrest Polyoxometalates as a case study of super-chaotropes
14:50 OP 2.22 Kawakami Kohsaku OP 1.32 Warszyński Piotr OP 9.7 Rybkin Iaroslav OP 11.2 Lo Nostro Pierandrea
Formation of colloidal phase after dissolution of supersaturable dosage forms and its impact on oral absorption Surface activity of esterquat and amidoquat surfactants Is a single layer of polyelectrolytes covering bacterial cells poisonous as Tunic of Nessus or protective as a warm coat? Specific Ion Effects in Non-aqueous Solvents: the Curious Case of Glycerol Carbonate
15:10 OP 2.23 Románszki Loránd OP 1.33 Rouscher Armand OP 9.8 Szilágyi István OP 11.3 Bye Jordan
Casein probe–based fast plasmin determination in the picomolar range by an ultra-high frequency acoustic wave biosensor First Macro-Mesoporous Silica Monoliths: Conditions for Obtaining Self-Standing Materials Antioxidant inorganic-organic hybrids of high functional and colloid stability Inducing protein reentrant condensation with polyvalent anions
15:30 OP 2.24 Nilsson Emelie OP 1.34 Malaspina David C. OP 9.9 Crawford Russell OP 11.4 Rebiscoul Diane
Novel insights into crucial properties determining the performance of polysorbate 80 as a pharmaceutical excipient Nano-scale roughness and hydrophobicity: the case of cellulose nano-crystals Bactericidal behaviour of self-assembled fatty acid crystals on highly ordered pyrolytic graphite The interfacial layer in nanoconfinement: an experimental and modelling approach
15:50 Coffee Break
Thursday – late afternoon
16:20 Chair: Lindman Björn
White Hall, Memorial Session
Meditation (from Jules Massenet's opera Thaïs, violin solo Maja Horvat)
MS 1 Koper Ger J. M.: In memory of Hans Lyklema: A life devoted to Science and Society
MS 2A Mileva Elena: In memory of Dotchi Exerowa and Dimo Platikanov
MS 2B Todorov Roumen: Surface forces through microinterferometric thin-liquid-film apparatus
MS 3A Nylander Tommy: In memory of Kåre Larsson – a lifelong curiosity for science and innovation
MS 3B Nylander Tommy: Biomolecular interactions that controls the curvature of the lipid-aqueous interface
MS 4A Zemb Thomas: In memory of Helmuth Möhwald:  Lifelong golden pass from unconventional ideas to efficient applications of surface layers
MS 4B Špadina Mario: A model for the prediction of rare-earth elements extraction/desextraction by a mixed charged and uncharged extractant microemulsion
MS 5 Kralchevsky Peter A.: In memory of Ivan B. Ivanov: Remarkable figure in colloid and interface science
18:30 General Assembly
Thursday – evening
19:30 Gala Dinner (Union Hall)

Friday, 7th of September

Friday – morning
09:00 Chair: Howe Andrew
Union Hall PL 5 Muševič Igor
Liquid Crystal Colloids
09:45 Coffee Break
Topic 7 Union Hall Topic 12, Topic 5 Glass Hall Topic 4 White Hall Topic 10 Silver Room
Chair: Spindler Lea Chair: Koper Ger Chair: Koos Erin Chair: Ravera Francesca
10:15 KN 7.5 Aramaki Kenji KN 12.1 Fery Andreas KN 4.2 Lattuada Marco KN 10.2 Kralchevsky Peter
Hydrogel Formed by Organogelator - Surfactant-Mediated Gelation Colloidal surface assemblies for light harvesting and beyond Magnetorheology of magnetic colloidal gels Dynamic depletion force in wetting films due to surfactant micelles and its effect on the motion of bubbles in capillaries
10:45 OP 7.21 Pons Ramon OP 12.1 Riedl Jesse Cornelius OP 4.6 Vilfan Mojca OP 10.6 Kramarenko Elena
The Cyclobutane Scaffold in the Construction of Bolaamphiphiles: Effect of Diastereoisomerism and Regiochemistry on Their Surfactant Behavior and Aggregation Dispersions of nanoparticles in ionic liquids for thermoelectric applications: evidencing the key parameters Magnetically driven omnidirectional artificial microswimmers Wettability of magneto-polymer coatings: effect of the composition and external magnetic fields
11:05 OP7.22 Briscoe H. Wuge OP 12.2 Avdeev Mikhail OP 4.7 Bernard Olivier OP 10.7 Seveno David
Morphogenesis of polycrystalline dendritic patterns from evaporation of a reactive nanofluid sessile drop Nanoscale structure of planar electrochemical interfaces for lithium power sources by neutron reflectometry Onsager’s reciprocal relations in electrolyte solution. Sedimentation and electroacoustics. Wettability of carbon nanotube fibers
11:25 OP 7.23 Giustini Mauro OP 5.16 Šoóš Miroslav OP 4.8 Silva Bruno OP 10.8 Drevenšek-Olenik Irena
Doxorubicin: a low molecular weight water gelator Nitrogen-Rich Hierarchically Porous Polyaniline-Based Adsorbents for CO2 Capture SAXS on a chip: from alignment phenomena at interfaces to dynamics of phase transitions studied with microfluidic devices Magnetically tunable surface roughness and wettability of soft magnetoactive elastomers
11:45 OP 7.24 Shchekin Alexander OP 5.17 Deák András OP 4.9 Takenaka Yoshiko OP 10.9 Miquelard-Garnier Guillaume
A general comparison of kinetics with step-wise and fusion-fission aggregation in mono- and polydispersive micellar solutions Surface chemical patch formation and self-assembly investigated at the single-particle level Displacement of Colloids in Liquid Crystals Induced by UV Light Dewetting dynamics of a thin polymer film embedded in an immiscible matrix
12:15 Chair: Warszyński Piotr
Union Hall, PL 6 Overbeek Medal Winner Lekkekerker Henk
Self-organised structures in suspensions of mineral colloidal plates: From colloidal liquid crystals to self-assembled nanocomposites
13:00 Chair: Mileva Elena
Union Hall, Prizes and Closing